Dear participants,
In less than a week, we will finally have the opportunity to meet again face to face, after four years since we last had this opportunity in Lancaster. We cannot wait to welcome you all to Madrid! We wholeheartedly hope that this will be a great moment in which we can finally talk to each other, share ideas, dreams, concerns, support, and, why not, joyful moments of much missed conviviality.  Almost 1000 of us will be gathering in Madrid next week, and this is a historic figure, which reveals how important it is to meet again after these troubled years.

EASST 2022 has a very exciting and inspiring program, with two amazing plenaries and four timely and inspiring sub-plenaries to look forward to. And, on top of that, there will be more than 800 absolutely thrilling papers you will be presenting.

However, the road to EASST 2022 has not been an easy one.  The pandemic restrictions in place when the conference began to be organized, have made it impossible for us to choose a university, the traditional venue in our past EASST conferences. For the first time, we had to choose a venue that would guarantee the viability of a conference for a minimum of 800 people, even in the event of restrictions. While this choice would fully guarantee the celebration of the conference, it came at a cost, which could not but be reflected not only in the increase in the registration fees but also in the higher costs of lunch boxes. Aware of this situation, we have done our best to negotiate the lowest possible prices. 

Yet, we are aware that the massive conference model that we have adopted these past decades also has its limits, and raises legitimate doubts and controversies. As a result, we will provide during the conference an opportunity for a broader debate on our current model of conference meetings and potential alternatives, as we also believe that such debate is necessary.
We are especially grateful for your support, for registering for the conference and organizing your journey to come, from all corners of Europe and the rest of the world. Looking forward to meeting you all in Madrid!

The local committee