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At the congress

Covid-19 instructions for the conference 

  • Use of face masks at the conference is voluntary, and you can bring your own mask. There is no national or regional obligation or official recommendation to use a face mask. The use of face mask is officially suggested in high-risk situations at one’s own discretion.  
  • The use of face masks is mandatory in the following places: public transport (taxis, Metro, bus, train, plain, etc.), medical facilities and pharmacies.
  • We recommend good hand hygiene. 
  • See here for latest updates on Covid-19 situation in Spain. 

Conference registration at the venue 

  • Registration will be open from 11:00am on Wednesday 6th July until the end of the congress.
  • When arriving, please follow indications to North Pavilion. Once you get there you must access through “East entrance hall”, 1st floor. Registration and welcome will take place here and the technical secretariat will be available here during the whole congress to attend your queries.
  • A white envelope with your name will be handed when registering. Inside you’ll find your badge and tickets for lunch boxes, dinner, and party (if applied).
  • An attendee bag will be handed as well including a notebook, a pen, and a summary of the program of the congress.
  • There will be water stations located throughout the venue, we recommend you bring your own reusable water bottle to fill it when needed. There will also be sofas and tables where you’ll be able to rest or work during the congress.

Info desk and publications table 

  • There will always be at least one person present at the info desk during the conference program. Turn to them with any questions or troubles regarding the conference.   

Participation and Presentation at panels

  • Duration of each panel session is 1,5 hours. In most panels there are 4 or 5 presenters. The recommended length for presentations is 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion. However, presentation times and discussion can be adjusted by panel organizers depending on the number of presentations in each session.
  • The discussion can be scheduled for either right after each presentation or after all the presenters have presented. This is for the panel chair to decide. The chair is also responsible for taking care that the panel stays on schedule.
  • You can use PowerPoint presentation or other visual aids in your presentation. In each room there will be a laptop computer, with access to internet, Microsoft Office package (inc. PowerPoint, Word etc.) and VLC media player (for videos) installed. The laptops will be ready to use and connected to the speakers and to a large screen or a projector. Please take your presentation into a USB drive and make sure you are in the session of your presentation 10 minutes ahead of schedule.
  • Panel organizers must bring in a USB drive the pre-recorded videos of presenters who sent them previously.
  • There will also be an on-call IT expert present on the venue during the panel sessions.

Food & Dinning 

  • Lunches and dinners are not included in the registration fee.  
  • Morning coffee breaks are also included in the registration fees.
  • Lunch boxes previously ordered and paid will be distributed on-site during Thursday and Friday lunch breaks (12:30 – 14:00). There will be no possibility of buying lunch boxes on-site
  • At the venue, lunch, coffee, and refreshments can also be purchased at the following establishments:
    • Cafetería Norte (9:00-20:00)
    • Two Food Trucks (12:00 - 16:00)
    • Coffee bike (9:00 - 16:00)
    • Cafetería Plaza Mayor (12:00 - 16:00)


  • Wi-Fi is available in all the venue.
    • Name: IFEMAFREE
    • For accessing, there is no need of password, just personal details must be entered. 

Social program 

  • On Wednesday evening 19:00-20:30 there will be a Welcome Reception at the conference venue (IFEMA), just after the plenary session.
  • On Friday evening, from 8:30 to 11:00 pm at the “Casa Encendida” there will be a conference dinner and, at 11:00 pm, a conference party in the same venue. Tickets for the dinner are almost sold out. Tickets for the party are still available and can be purchased at the registration desk, during the registration process.
  • Please remember that on-site payments must be done by cash or credit card.
  • Party and dinner tickets will be available in arrival order.
  • All those who already purchased their tickets for the dinner or the party, will be able to find two different tickets in the envelope delivered when registering in IFEMA. These tickets must be handed when accessing “Casa Encendida”, so make sure they do not get lost.

Children area

During your stay in Madrid with your children, you may contact “Fast English” for day-long recreational activities.  Fast English is a professional company organizing children educational and recreational activities in English, which take place in their premises in Prosperidad, not far from Nuevos Ministerios.
Some of the requirements of this camp are:

Additionally, for all those who wish to attend the conference with their children, there will be an area for them located in the “West entrance hall”, 1st floor. This is a play and care area where parents can have space to care for their children, while at the conference. Some games, books and materials to draw, paint and play will be provided, but we encourage parents to also bring materials and toys for children to play, as it is a self-organized space.